A Senior Leader in Labor & Employee Relations, I help companies across many industries from Healthcare to Manufacturing, creating an environment that promotes open and honest dialogue between managers and employees — strengthening communication and driving company success.

With an extensive background working with unions, I have deep expertise across Labor & Employee Relations, Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Human Resources, and Contracts & Negotiations. As a strong advocate for Positive Employee Relations, I left the union movement to show workers a healthier way to create a more constructive and prosperous environment in the workplace.

I’m the President of KNA Industrial Relations where I lead the firm’s strategy, client relationship management, business development, and comprehensive Labor & Employee Relations service platform.

I lead KNA in helping companies decrease turnover, increase productive time, mitigate costs, communicate effectively for long-term business success, and maintain their direct relationship with their employees.

A passionate and dedicated communicator and educator, I have comprehensive knowledge of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the union organizing process, union organizer tactics, collective bargaining, union dues, a union's constitutions and bylaws, and strikes. I utilize my years of experience to provide information directly to employees — guiding them in making more informed decisions and working closely with executive leaders in both public and private sectors to help diverse clients across the United States.